just a paddy sellin’ hot sauce

Barry's hot sauce started the same way any small food business does, as a hobby! I've always loved to cook, and since moving to Boston from Ireland some years ago I have been making my own homemade hot sauce, bone broths, stocks, kimchi, pickles, kombucha, anything that I could make a little project out of and always stuff I love to eat and drink.

Like most of you reading this, I've always put hot sauce on everything. So chancing my arm at making my own was just the next step. When friends and family kept asking for more of the stuff, I figured it couldn't hurt to share it with everyone else, and I'm more than happy to share it with you too!

I've always had an interest in eating healthy, so I never gave a second's thought to adding sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or any other nonsense into my sauces. I definitely didn't set out to make a 'health conscious' hot sauce, but that's just what I threw into the blender and that's how it turned out.

I hope you get to try and enjoy my hot sauce as much as I do, and as always...

Stay Hot Stay Healthy!

Barry Shannon